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day 2 and 8 test

Test to Release – Day 5 test


This test is not the mandatory test that is required when you are arriving to the UK. For the mandatory test, please buy one of the arriving in the UK packages. This product is non refundable.


Full Home Address in the UK- This is the address where the tests will be sent if same as the isolation address


Product Description

Test to Release is the Covid PCR test for individuals coming into the UK who wish to reduce their 10 day quarantine period to when they receive the results. The test is done on day 5 after the arrival day in the UK. If the test result is negative, you can stop your quarantine.

For more details, please visit GOV.UK

Nechells Pharmacy and Travel Clinic is a listed UK Government provider of the Test to Release Scheme. You cannot use the Test to Release scheme if you have been in or through any country that is on the Red list in the 10 days before you arrive in England.

For travel Fit to Fly Covid PCR test or Covid Antigen test, please visit our store

How does the scheme work

If you arrive in England from somewhere outside the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man you must:
  • have proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken in the 3 days before departing for England
  • complete a passenger locator form
  • self-isolate for 10 days

Under the Test to Release scheme you can choose to have a COVID-19 test with Nechells Pharmacy on or after day 5.

You cannot take a test until you have been in England for 5 full days.

Arrive: in England from a country not on the corridor list. Go straight to the place you plan to self-isolate. Start self-isolating according to the UK government’s instructions. Fill in the government passenger locator form

Day 5 (Day 0 is the day you arrive in England). You should receive your test on day 5, we are not allowed to send it to you any sooner. Take your test as soon as it arrives and post it back as soon as possible via Royal Mail at a designated post box.

Day 6: your test arrives at the laboratory (dependent on Royal Mail. No samples are collected or delivered by Royal Mail to the Laboratory on Sunday or Bank Holiday).

Day 6 to 8: Get your results. This is usually between 24-36 hours of the sample arriving at the Laboratory. If the test result is negative you can end quarantine as soon as you receive the result. If the test is positive you need to quarantine for another 10 days. Count the 10 days starting from the day after you took the test, or from when you first had symptoms if that is earlier. People you live with in the UK, or people you are staying with, should also quarantine for 10 days from the date of your positive test.

Our Test to Release service includes:

  • Home kit delivered to your address by Special Delivery on day 5 as per government guidelines.
  • Prepaid return envelope.
  • Results within 24-48 hours of receipt at our lab.
Our service includes:
  • Results accepted by airlines and foreign countries
  • Laboratory accredited by PHE, UKAS and to ISO 15189 standards.
  • All documentation provided in the price



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